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At Platinum, we share our Institutional knowledge with Retail traders to help them succeed and fulfill their aspirations of becoming consistently profitable traders.
Platinum Confluence Matrix Algorithmic Trading System delivers an Institutional level of service to retail traders. It helps retail traders to identify the best times to execute trades in accordance with their Forex trading strategy.

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Platinum Trading System

The trading system is the result of three years of extensive and collaborative efforts by a number of successful professional and institutional traders with over 35 years combined experience.

Simple and Manageable Interface

Buy and Sell Zones

Highly Accurate Entry Points

Audio-Visual Alerts

Understanding how the institutional trading world works is the key to being a successful trader in the retail market.

Nearly all retail traders are taught to use various indicators plotted across multiple time-frames and signal systems. The overabundance of technical indicators is often very confusing and ineffective in consistently identifying profitable trade opportunities.
Such methods all well and good in theory but markets do not move based on indicators and time-frames.
Traders at financial Institutions identify the supply and demand levels to place their orders. Markets move each day based on the Institutional Order Flow.

Imagine a world of three circles intersecting each other – London, New York, and Asia. At times there are crossovers of markets: Asia into London, London into New York, New York into Asia, and Asia back into London again as the cycle starts again each day.
Each day, the financial institutions have to facilitate their order flow for clients by taking resting orders, dealing with market orders, market opening orders, stop-loss, and closing orders. The Institutional Order Flow cycles around the globe help the institutions to determine where the supply and demand levels are building up.
At Platinum, we teach you how to identify the strongest supply and demand levels to trade, both intraday and also in the longer term. Trading the Institutional Way will increase your profitability consistently.

The Forex market is a 24-hour market you and hence time frames do not exist.
It is all about where the prices of the markets are at any time of the day as these orders can be triggered at any time.
You begin to realize that the time frames that you are used to working with are in fact put there by the brokers to induce you into over-trading. We introduce to you the Institutional method of trading to stop this from happening to you.

Profitability through Simplicity

No need to spend your valuable time studying multiple indicators, performing analysis of complex charts and waiting for time frames in order to determine entry points into the market.
The Platinum Trading System provides a simple and manageable interface with clearly marked Buy and Sell Zones. Through its unique visual and audio alert system, it guides traders with any level of experience to pick the perfect entry point easily and consistently.
Its Confluence Matrix algorithm performs the complex tasks of analyzing 18 different indicators and combines them with the Institutional Orders Flow every day. The Matrix works constantly to bring you high probability entry points that will amaze you with their accuracy and consistency.

trading system

A Typical Retail Trader Chart

trading system

Platinum Reading System Chart

Confluence Matrix

The Confluence Matrix Algorithm is the brain of Platinum Forex Trading System.
The Matrix in one form or another is in use by each Investment Bank, Trading House or Hedge Fund worldwide.
It has been designed by Professional traders who have combined their knowledge to produce what can only be described as revolutionary market analysis previously unavailable to traders in the retail market.
It consists of FX analysis techniques to study 18 indicators and combines them with the Institutional Order Flow making it one of the most powerful, accurate and consistent trading algorithms available for Retail traders today.

Platinum FX analysis

The Platinum Trading System’s FX analysis incorporates highly technical methods of predicting price movements on a daily basis.

Each entry level is calculated using the following methods:

  • Market Profile (TPO)
  • Volume Profile
  • Elliot Wave
  • Pivot Points
  • Standard Pivot Point
  • Camarilla Pivot Point
  • Woodie Pivot Point
  • Floor Pivot Point
  • DeMark Pivot Point
  • Open Gaps
  • Naked VPOCs
  • VWAP
  • OHLC
  • Trend lines
  • Initial Balance
  • Fibonacci Retracements/Extensions & Clusters
  • Intraday/Prior day/week/month swing highs and lows
  • Moving Averages

Trade Results

  • 3265 pips in 2014, 6094 pips in 2015 and 7071 pips in 2016.
  • At $10 per PIP, it would be making $160,375.00 in three years!
  • By trading in a structured professional manner, we risk less, trade less but make more.
  • Consistency is everything and a foundation of how we educate our members.
  • To see the most recent trade results, watch our Trade of the Week videos.
forex trading strategies

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What Our Students Say

Having completed many Forex courses previously, I found the mentoring I received with Platinum to be invaluable. The Platinum strategies and the algorithm have helped to make me a much better trader.
Sean BeavisSean Beavis, - August 2017

Arron has been a fantastic mentor and has given me so much confidence with my trading. After being very skeptical in investing with Platinum, I was made to feel welcome. Having finished 10 one-to-one sessions, I have doubled my demo account and now ready to start going live. Platinum has given me the confidence to do this. Recommended to various friends.

Joshua Chadbourne, - August 2017
Words cannot explain this fantastic program. Have had it for 3 weeks now. 1st week – paper traded, 2nd week – traded minimum £/point, 3rd week – traded serious money And EVERY one a winner! What really makes this program a complete package is not just the ease of use, but the genuine support and advice that is offered which goes a long way in helping to make the correct decisions. Huge thanks to all you guys at Platinum for a great program that makes Forex trading a pleasure.
Keith J Pereria, - May 2017
If you want to make money from trading, you need to be able to profit from what the institutions do. This system shows you setups which are so consistently profitable it’s quite scary! I’ve been trading for two years and I’ve never felt more comfortable trading than with this. It’s quite simple, it will make you money!
Nakash Khan, - April 2017

Educating yourself in the market is a must if you want to make money consistently and Platinum is the right way to start.

Graham Black, - October 2016
The Platinum Methodology was easy to understand and utilize. I have been on training courses in the past and never received this level of support or teaching. I am now completely converted on the one-to-one training. It has really changed trading for me and made it enjoyable. Thanks, Platinum team.
Ben McDonald, - October 2016
I had tried everything before, had used every indicator out there and experimented with time frames but nothing worked. Once I joined Platinum, trading was made clear and easy to understand. The best decision I have made in my trading career. Would recommend anyone looking to trade correctly to come and join Platinum.
James Somers, - September 2016

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