Why and When a FX Trader should Trade a Cross Currency Pair?

For the past few weeks, I have been talking about cryptocurrencies, block chains, and the crypto trading future thereof. So, let’s take a breather for a couple of weeks now, and talk about some of the FOREX trading strategies that are unique but can reward immensely. We are going to talk about Cross Currency Pair Trading.

Major, Minor, and Exotic Currency Pairs: Take a look at the table on the left. It lists ten currency pairs with six pairs having USD as a base currency. They constitute a segment of the major currency pairs. They typically are paired with USD, and make up for more than 80% of the FX trading market. They also feature high liquidity, and typically the lower spread. Another feature of the so-called majors is the fact that they are highly correlated. In other words, typically these pairs move in tandem. The degree by which these moves occur is defined by statistically computed correlation factor. The correlation factor has a value that ranges from -1 to +1. The -1 value exhibits anti-correlation, while +1 depicts positive correlation.Major, Minor, and Exotic Currency Pairs

The rest of the four pairs constitute the cross currency pairs or minor pairs. Notably, they are not expressed in terms of USD, often offer relatively low liquidity, and are more often than not exhibit trending behavior unlike more volatile behavior of the majors.

There is a third class of currency pairs that is called Exotic Pairs. Some of the examples are: EUR/TRY, Euro/Turkish Lira, or USD/NOK, US dollar/Norwegian Krone. These are traded thinly, have higher spread, and they are fraught with significant risks. Only a skilled trader should risk trading in Exotic Pairs, and that also with a long term view of the investment in mind.

Why and When Trade a Minor Currency Pair? Often the traders have given excuses for NOT trading the minor or cross currency pairs, rather than reasons for trading them. Major currencies are preferred over minor due to their high liquidity, lower spread, and the preferred trading hours.

However, there are reasons why an investor should consider trading cross currency pairs. Some of the scenarios might include:

  • When the trader is pre-disposed to trading trend lines,
  • When one of the currencies in major pairs is dominating and exhibit highly volatile behavior,
  • When the trader wishes to expand his/her portfolio to include some diversity with trading in cross pairs, and
  • Cross trades are also popular among traders who want to arbitrage the spread between the sovereign interest rates offered by two currencies. Conceivably, one can buy the currency with higher interest rate, and short the one with lower interest rate.

Range of Positive CorrelationEvidently, cross pair trading requires a completely different skill set compared to trading in major currencies. The trader mentors at Platinum Trading Institute (PTI), are mindful of risks associated with trading in minor currencies. Our mentors help you understand the factors that impact the price action for a given minor pair, help you devise a strategy that results in a successful trade, and provide guidance to trade in the currencies that exhibit the most profit potential.


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