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Fundamental News and Market Views

Determine market moves before they happen

Chart patterns and Trading Zones

Trade entries, stop losses, profit, targets

Trading Strategies

Q&A Session

Live Charting and Technical Analysis

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Trade Roundups

What Our Clients Say...

“Platinum webinars truly opened my eyes.”

 “I have learned something pretty much every time.”


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Turn your trading desk into a fully functioning professional trade station.

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 Platinum Trading Television

Daily Forex Webinars

How frustrating is it to enter a trade only to find out later that you bought into the High of Day or Sold into the Low of Day?

Why did the price move all of a sudden for no apparent reason?

You will find several websites and TV channels that provide you with latest financial market news and analysis. However, you still need to read all of the information, understand it and determine the best trade opportunities for you. Can you afford to spend hours doing so with your busy daily schedule in the day and this age of fast-paced living? What if you had questions about a certain topic?

Platinum Trading Television is an optional service that we provide at nominal monthly or quarterly fees for our busy clients to help them maximize their trading opportunities and Pip gains.

Live and interactive daily morning webinars deliver to our clients the most up-to-date and relevant Forex Market Reports, Fundamental Events, Charts, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Trading Levels, Trade Opportunities, Trade Roundups and more.

Our Daily Forex Webinars are presented every day throughout the year except on Bank Holidays and Christmas. It is like having your own team of Financial Analysts at your fingertips.

Sign-up for our daily morning interactive Forex webinars. Grab your morning coffee or tea and log in to the webinar session. We will walk you step-by-step through our analysis and answer questions you might have about it.

We do not use these webinars for up-selling or cross-selling. You will never be presented with an offer to buy a product or service will sell during the webinars. It is strictly an optional educational service that we provide to our clients.

Your most comprehensive market guide to help you trade like a true professional.

Nowhere else will find such cutting-edge insights into the Forex markets.

Turn your trading desk into a fully functioning professional trade station.


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Fundamental News and Market Views

You daily morning guide to understanding how fundamentals affect markets, what makes markets move, important data releases, banks monetary policies.

Our team of professional traders study the markets in-depth and bring to you the most up to date and relevant market reports.

  • Live Trading Bulletins.
  • Fundamental News.
  • Technical Market views.
  • Review of economic events and potential impact.
  • Various asset classes such as Forex, Commodity and Indices markets.

Forecast of Trading Opportunities

Wait for the markets to come to you.

Get forecast of trading opportunities based on the fundamental news, market views, and Platinum Algorithmic Trading System results.

  • Key Bank Trading Levels.
  • Trade of the Day.
  • Trade of the Week.
  • Intraday and Long-Term Trader set-ups.

Live Charting and Technical Analysis

Determine market moves before they happen.

Our senior traders dissect the information posted each day on the Platinum Live Trading Floor to bring to you the best trading levels and trading strategies. Trade entries, stop losses, profit and targets are discussed.

  • Technical analysis of information posted on the Trading floor including live charting.
  • Review of the Charts and important Trading Zones.
  • Explanation and discussion of Chart patterns to determine the most profitable Trading Strategies to use.
  • Interactive Questions and Answers Session via Online Chat.

Trade Roundups

Review of previous trades and live trades that have triggered.

  • Previous trading day roundup.
  • Weekly trading roundup.

“Platinum webinars truly opened my eyes.”

 “I have learned something pretty much every time.”

Sheila Armitage

I would like to thank Nirav and his team for, not only your continued support but also for your knowledge in the financial trading industry. I can honestly say that I have learned something pretty much every time I have been to the Platinum Master Webinar. I am now averaging 600 Pips a month and can honestly say I am a forex trader who is making money.

February 2016

Tom Sirash

Honestly speaking, Platinum never even allowed me to trade for 3 weeks until I was ready and had started to learned how to trade using the Platinum Methodology. Once I was ready, I opened a live account and just after 6 months, the account started with £5000 now sitting at £8539.

December 2015

Jeff Lee

I used to be just a typical retail trader looking at short term charts, using indicators and trying to guess where the markets would turn around, I had no luck working this way and couldn’t understand why I’d read the books, I’d been to the webinars and seminars and listened to the same people say the same things over and over again and then I came to a Platinum Webinar and my eyes were truly opened, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but it made so much sense but was unlike anything I’d ever heard. Now, I am a . . . Read More “Jeff Lee”

September 2015

Zoe Walsh

I just want to say a really big thank you to Platinum for all your help. I was lost in the mire with my trading and was on the verge of giving up until a friend of mine mentioned Platinum and how they had transformed his trading. So, I decided to give it one last shot and I’m so glad that I did. The training and level of education are something that I cannot speak highly enough about. My understanding of how the markets really work has come on ten fold and my trading has improved so much in such . . . Read More “Zoe Walsh”

August 2015

Susan Shaw

By my nature, I am a skeptical person and having spent a lot of money on previous educational courses. I approached Platinum with my guard up. However, these guys are the real deal. How refreshing to speak with people who have real first-hand experience of the banking world. My eyes have been truly opened and now everything makes so much more sense. I feel that I have wasted a lot of time in the past, but I am now on the right path with Platinum and look forward to becoming a full-time trader.

July 2015

Richard Sparks

Thanks to Platinum, I now understand how the Banks trade in the markets. This is such vital information because now I don’t have to try and second guess anymore. My trading results have come on leaps and bounds.

June 2015

Sean Hill

With so many companies offering trading education, I was skeptical at first when I came across Platinum. However, under their expert tuition, my trading has come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time, my level of knowledge has increased and I now know how the markets really work. Having that knowledge has changed my fortunes when I was on the verge of giving up on trading altogether. 10/10 guys! Thanks so much.

May 2015

John Stevenson

A big thank you to all the guys at Platinum. They have shown me two amazing trading techniques that have netted me over 600 Pips since joining. Who thought making money could be so easy! I didn’t at first, but now I am blown away by how accurate the information provided is. Many thanks again!

April 2015

Carl Mitchell

I came across Platinum Trading Systems a few months ago, and must say it has finally clicked! The help and support on tap, the daily reports, news links etc, make me feel part of a team that wants you to make money. The platform is easy to use and suits everyone’s lifestyle in regards time to trade. I have made great progress and more importantly made money consistently. It’s a no nonsense approach with great advice, superb mentoring and they seem focused on making it even better. I simply can’t say enough. Thanks, guys, this is changing my life!

March 2015

Clare Smith

This Trading System is a must for any retail trader. Now I know when the banks will be buying and selling. The methods that I have been taught make so much sense. Thank you so much for all your help, your mentoring has transformed by fortunes and now I know I can achieve what I want in life via my trading.

February 2015

Steven Riddle

I came into FX trading as a novice, after doing my research I found 100’s of companies offering education and trading systems, so which do you go with? Well having tried many, I stumbled upon Platinum. What a difference! These guys teach you how the market really works and how to understand how the banks and hedge funds trade. This is vital to making money in the markets. I can’t thank you guys enough. You’ve made a huge difference to my trading and profitability.

January 2015

Peter Tulley

I was a total newbie to trading and had looked at various trading systems, robots, signal services none of which I had any faith in until I contacted Platinum. I was very happy to discover such a professional approach and it’s refreshing to actually have people that you can call on that really have been there and done it, you can really tell that the guys have had a lifetime of experience in trading. If you want to understand how the banks really trade I would recommend Platinum to anyone, thank you for a truly great experience.

December 2014

Neil Potter

After taking on the Platinum Trading System, I have realized that there was so much that I didn’t understand about how the institutions trade in the market. Being with Platinum has really opened my eyes to what really goes on in the markets. Previously, I was your typical retail trader, low time frames, multiple indicators, too many currencies, lack of knowledge, I was on the verge of giving up trading, but wow what a turn around in such a short space of time, I have enjoyed every moment so far and long may it continue into 2015.

November 2014

Daniel Levy

Guys, I just wanted to say huge thanks for all your help and support during this turbulent month. I have been trading for over 5 years and have not experienced a month like this before. You have helped me keep a calm head in choppy markets, your level of support has been out of this world, I am very glad that I found you, my understanding of the markets has grown so much in my short time with you, I am recommending Platinum’s service to all of my trader friends.

October 2014
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