Leading Altcoins Under $1 – Poised to be Gainers This Week!

At Platinum Trading Institute (PTI) US, we strive to keep ahead of the Crypto markets to recommend investments that are timely and meaningful. I hope that last week, you enjoyed our article on EOS versus ETH, and reasons why EOS has shown so much volatility in recent days. In addition, the volatility in Crypto markets is also exacerbated by US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) investigating four major Crypto exchanges, while countries like India banning trading in Cryptocurrencies altogether!

Major Altcoins under $1

At the time of writing this BLOG (06/25), the market cap dropped from $260 Billion to $241 Billion, with major currencies and other coins taking a significant beating. However, even with these negative news in the Cryptocurrency markets, we believe that the following three ALTCOINS under $1 are poised to provide a significant return on investments. These three altcoins under $1 are available and should be part of any diversified Crypto portfolio.

1. Stellar Lumens (XLM) $0.26

Stellar is currently ranked number 7 in the market capitalisation at $4,848,287,699 and features $40 Million to $60 Million in daily trading volume.  It can not only be found on most of the top crypto exchanges but is expected to underpin many of the innovative projects, such as REM Royalty, Swych, Till Billy, and Cross Hedge. Its unique aspects are:  it has formed partnerships with IBM, and is in talks with a start-up company, ‘Chain,’ in an effort to make entry into financial blockchain markets.

XLM has undergone a major correction in past few days along with the other ALTCOINS. However, from the long-term perspectives, it is expected to do well in next two to three years.

2. Basic Attention Token (BAT) $0.23

BAT is currently ranked 61st in market capitalization and features $2.00 Million to $4.00 Million in daily trading volume. It is available on several crypto exchanges currently sits number 61 in the market capitalisation at $238,136,000 and ranges between $2 million and $4 million daily trading volume. BAT can be found on most if not all the top crypto exchanges with Binance being the most popular.

The unique feature of BAT token is the fact that it leverages advances in Digital and social media marketing and makes it commerce friendly. The underlying browser, BRAVE is probably the only blockchain concept that is amenable to digital advertising and allows the users, the publishers, and advertisers to use the token freely among themselves.

The BRAVE blockchain concept is interesting. According to the BRAVE concept, the user, the publisher, and the advertiser – all three get rewarded based on their participation in a given marketing event.
For example, as shown below

the user attention is anonymously monitored and evaluated privately. Based on the user’s immersion in an advertisement, the publisher and the advertiser are rewarded based on a BRAVE based algorithm. In this case, the user is also rewarded for his participation in the BRAVE triad system. A salient feature of the BRAVE blockchain is the fact that user’s browsing history nor any of the private data is ever compromised and it never leaves the BRAVE browser.

With the current downturn in the crypto market, BAT has also taken some beating. However, as digital marketing becomes more mainstream and social media giants like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, and LINKEDIN start using this concept, its potential for a comeback is rather high.

3. POA Network (POA) $0.273

At about $38 Million market cap, the POA is currently ranked 164th in market capitalisation. It is available on a few selected crypto exchanges along with Binance as the major transaction exchange. POA is the first Ethereum-based public network with Proof-of-Authority (POA) consensus that is reached by independent pre-selected validators. Since the Oracles Network (POA Network) uses pre-selected validators, the smart contracts are cheaper and faster

compared to the Proof-of-Work (POW) predecessors. POA is a master blockchain that overlays the Ethereum blockchain in the public domain and allows the user to develop an application for a given specific use.  In its simplest form, the POA is the network that offers a decentralized hub for diverse projects based on Ethereum blockchain.

The platform deploys the proof of Authority (POA) mechanism compared to Proof of Work (POW). This helps to reduce block time to less than five seconds and does not require a rigorous mathematical proof for validation. Among other differences, the hard fork decisions in POA network are legally binding, and all validators must sign a legal agreement to abide by the POA guidelines.

POA Bridge:

A revolutionary offshoot of POA network is the POA Bridge. It is a decentralized application built on the POA network and facilitates the transfer of POA native tokens from POA network to Ethereum network efficiently and effectively. This POA transfer to Ethereum transfer will result in newly created tokens; POA20, and vice versa.  A salient advantage of these transfers is the fact that it will permit POA and other side chains easy access to Ethereum blockchain and attendant applications.


The above discussion embodies a diversified discussion on ALTCOINS in large, mid, and small cap sectors. What it entails is also the fact that all three examples, encompass various aspects of the blockchain technology and the attendant uses.

At Platinum Trading Institute (PTI), we champion the investors to have a well-diversified crypto portfolio that spans across markets caps as well as technology uses. With that philosophy, we invite you to share your portfolio of main and ALTCOINS with us for a detailed analysis and review. After such a review, we will share the coins that we are adding to our fund and portfolio.

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