Our Mission

Our aim is to help you achieve your financial goals, whether you want to become a full-time trader or trade part-time to earn a secondary income, boost your retirement fund, achieve financial freedom.

What We Do

We educate all individuals from different walks of life to become a full-time trader or create a secondary revenue stream by trading part-time.

Whether for a relative beginner or a more experienced trader, Platinum Trading Institute provides a comprehensive and customized solution to understanding and trading the Forex market.


The Platinum Methodology

Definitive in-depth Forex Online Trading Courses

Forex Trading Strategies

Hands-on training

Step-by-step one-to-one mentoring

Web-based Live Trading Floor

Platinum Algorithmic Trading System

At Platinum, we continue to improve and innovate methods and technological breakthroughs to turn the retail trader into an institutional trader through our Online Forex Trading Courses, Forex Trading Strategies, Live Trading Floor, Daily Forex Webinars, Trade on the move via SMS, Trading Videos and Forex Blog.

We have an extensive array of support from our customer service team to IT support to help our clients gain the necessary skills and confidence to trade more effectively, and produce consistently profitable results.

What We Don’t Do

We do not offer boot-camp courses. No Individual can learn how to trade in five or ten days. Don’t waste your time and money signing up for such courses.

We do not up-sell or cross-sell. You will never be presented with an offer to buy a product or service during the Daily Forex Webinars or during your coaching sessions.

We do not recommend brokers. We do not believe in earning commissions from our clients. You can park your money with whoever you want to.

We do not charge a one-time fee or monthly fee for trading tools. With all our courses excluding the Forex Foundation Program, we provide you with the Platinum Trading System and lifetime access to the Platinum Live Trading Floor at no additional cost. Daily Forex Webinars and Trade on the move via SMS are optional additional services that we provide at nominal monthly or quarterly fees.

What We Deliver To Our Clients

Winning Formulas for Consistent Profitability

Consistency is everything and a foundation of how we educate our members.

Perfect Fundamentals + Perfect Technical Analysis + Perfect Logic + Perfect Risk Management = Perfect Trade

Platinum Trading Floor + Platinum Trading System + Platinum Trading Television + Platinum Mentor = Your Profitability

Trade less, risk less, make more consistently.

Plan your Trades and Trade your Plan.

Online Courses and Hands-on Training

Learn at your own pace online trading courses.

Hands-on training using a dummy account to learn and practice implementing Forex Trading Strategies using the Platinum Trading System.

Personal Support - Mentoring, Trading Principles and Guidelines

Platinum mentors bring to our clients their several years of professional trading experience. Few of the trading principles and guidelines that our mentors quote often during the One-to-One mentoring sessions, Daily Webinars and on the Live Trading Floor are:

  • Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a process. Learn, plan, practice and perfect it.
  • If you suffered loss, take a break, revisit the trading plan and commence work the next day.
  • Know your own risk. Never trade money that you cannot afford to lose.
  • When in doubt, stay out. There will be plenty more trades coming our way.
  • Be patient. Take action at the right time.
  • Remember that commitment is what separates the 2% from the rest 98%.
  • Keep your trading journal updated. Note down your mistakes and achievements.
  • Never overtrade. The more trades you enter, the more you risk.
  • Never revenge trade if your trade fails.
  • Markets go up and markets go down. When you know how to trade them, it makes no difference whether there is an economic boom or economic catastrophe.
  • Always study the fundamentals first for any currency and then move on the technicals to give yourself a true edge to trading currencies with precision.
  • If you made very good profits today, forget about more trading for the day. Spend quality time with the family.
  • Enjoy the excitement of work tomorrow.
Platinum Live Trading Floor - Powerful Analysis, Trade Opportunities and Trade Rules

Platinum Analysts are senior professional traders who have also worked on developing the Platinum Trading System. The team centralizes all of their market analysis on the Live Trading Floor to bring to our clients the most up-to-date information each and every day.

Trade Rules to be followed are posted by our analysts for all trade opportunities suggested on the Trading Floor:

  • Buy or Sell any 3rd zone of the day in the Trading System regardless of any analysis.
  • Stop loss will be set at 20 pips.
  • Your target will be set at 20-30 pips.
  • You can stay overnight in a trade if the zone is hit from 19:00 GMT onwards. Only trade this on the 7 major currency pairs.
  • Never trade from 14:00 GMT on FED rate decision days or NFP
  • Do not mess about with the trade. Allow it to either hit the target or the stop.
  • When trading News Events:
    • Quick profit strategy – Look into getting in and out of the markets with a fixed risk reward.
    • Buy or sell on the 3rd zone of the day and on the release of the particular news event.
    • Need to trade live. No pending orders.
    • If the zones are not hit within 15 minutes of the news release, the trade is no longer valid to be taken.
    • Stop Loss or risk for the trade is 20 pips and target or profit is 20 pips.
Platinum Trading System – Precision and Profitability through Simplicity

With all our courses excluding the Forex Foundation Program, we provide you with the Platinum Trading System at no additional cost.

• Simple and manageable user interface.
• Clearly marked Buy and Sell Zones that are used by Banks and major Financial Institutions.
• Visual and Audio Alerts.
• 12 currency pairs, Gold, Oil, S&P500, Dow Jones.
• Easy to follow, highly accurate entry points.
• 18 methods of analysis to predict price movements daily.
• 78% success rate.

What Our Clients Say...

 “They deliver what they promise”

“This is the only firm I have found that really does support you on a one-to-one basis”

“I really like their simple approach to trading areas of supply and demand using clutter free charts”

“The end of day and extreme strategy are just phenomenal”

Sean Beavis

Sean Beavis | Client Testimonial

Having completed many Forex courses previously, I found the mentoring I received with Platinum to be invaluable. The Platinum strategies and the algorithm have helped to make me a much better trader.

August 2017

Joshua Chadbourne

Joshua Chadbourne | Client Testimonial

Arron has been a fantastic mentor and has given me so much confidence with my trading. After being very skeptical in investing with Platinum, I was made to feel welcome. Having finished 10 one-to-one sessions, I have doubled my demo account and now ready to start going live. Platinum has given me the confidence to do this. Recommended to various friends.

August 2017

Keith J Pereria

Words cannot explain this fantastic program. Have had it for 3 weeks now. 1st week – paper traded, 2nd week – traded minimum £/point, 3rd week – traded serious money And EVERY one a winner! What really makes this program a complete package is not just the ease of use, but the genuine support and advice that is offered which goes a long way in helping to make the correct decisions. Huge thanks to all you guys at Platinum for a great program that makes Forex trading a pleasure.

May 2017

Nakash Khan

If you want to make money from trading, you need to be able to profit from what the institutions do. This system shows you setups which are so consistently profitable it’s quite scary! I’ve been trading for two years and I’ve never felt more comfortable trading than with this. It’s quite simple, it will make you money!

April 2017

Graham Black

Educating yourself in the market is a must if you want to make money consistently and Platinum is the right way to start.

October 2016

Ben McDonald

The Platinum Methodology was easy to understand and utilize. I have been on training courses in the past and never received this level of support or teaching. I am now completely converted on the one-to-one training. It has really changed trading for me and made it enjoyable. Thanks, Platinum team.

October 2016

James Somers

I had tried everything before, had used every indicator out there and experimented with time frames but nothing worked. Once I joined Platinum, trading was made clear and easy to understand. The best decision I have made in my trading career. Would recommend anyone looking to trade correctly to come and join Platinum.

September 2016

Damien Broner

I had to previously stop trading due to my losses. I felt I wanted to start and thought, where better than with a professional Trading Institute. They have truly opened my eyes on how to trade like a professional and provided me with to the abilities to do so.

August 2016

Richard Allen

Platinum gave me a step by step guide to grow my trading knowledge and start making serious cash. It was the one to one support that really made the difference, to have the mentor there whenever I needed them.

August 2016

Sean Francis

I joined Platinum around 3 months ago and my trading has been consistent ever since. Not only do they provide first class education but excellent analysis too. I am up almost £5,000 in 3 months. Thanks to them, something I would never have dreamed of making without their help.

July 2016

John Fawcett

Platinum is one of the most professional trading academies I have come across. Honestly, I have seen it all in the last 6 years from trading systems to Forex courses. These guys are the real deal. They trade with finesse along with the Platinum Trading Floor which really gives you all the information you need. Since Joining Platinum in February 2016, I can honestly say I have consistent Income from trading the Fx markets, a distant dream before! Thanks to the Platinum team.

June 2016

Michael Turner

An excellent education service with professional mentors and traders who genuinely care whether we succeed. They have supported me throughout my training and have even given me support after I had completed my training. The one to one support is really what sold me and is the true key to learning successfully.

June 2016

Paul Harrison

Platinum Trading System is one of the best well-designed trading systems I have ever come across. The level of accuracy of the system is phenomenal. Time is of the essence for me and the Platinum Trading System and the team have really made a big positive change in my trading and financial circumstances.

May 2016

Alex Hunter

I am thankful to the Platinum team. I have received everything I could have asked for. It has truly been a pleasurable experience and already recommended friends to join.

May 2016

Paul Gill

I was always a skeptic of training courses, but after I had the complimentary trading session Platinum provides, it seemed legitimate. I was rewarded putting my faith in them, not only am I learning the correct techniques but this is now translating into trading profits. Any skeptics out there, give the complimentary trading session a go and you’ll never look back.

May 2016

Dr. R. G. Shetty

Platinum delivers what they promise and support you and provide you with expert guidance. I have been trading with the help of Platinum for 9 months now, hence the reason for my testimonial. I have found the training and support absolutely brilliant. I have used a number other types of training and software courses, some from the around the world, but have found Platinum by far the best. They deliver what they promise. This is the only firm I have found that really does support you on a one to one basis and for me, this will be my means . . . Read More “Dr. R. G. Shetty”

April 2016

Malcolm Smith

I have received excellent support and training, they have really set the bar in Forex education.

April 2016

Mr. D. Griffin – Member since October 2015

I have been trading the financial markets since 2009 and have not had any consistency in trading as I have learned all the wrong methods. After joining Platinum and under the guidance of the Platinum Team, I learned that times frames do not exist and now am a full-time trader and have nearly recouped all the money I spent on learning Forex in just 9 months. Absolutely amazing.

March 2016

Sheila Armitage

I would like to thank Nirav and his team for, not only your continued support but also for your knowledge in the financial trading industry. I can honestly say that I have learned something pretty much every time I have been to the Platinum Master Webinar. I am now averaging 600 Pips a month and can honestly say I am a forex trader who is making money.

February 2016

Mr. Ashish Mehra

It is difficult to express in words my thanks and appreciation for the integrity of your company. I have heard it all about being in the top 5% and how difficult it is. I find the Platinum Trading Floor truly the most amazing part of my trading tool kit and now making some very good returns. I recommend Platinum to anyone who is serious about trading and making money in the financial industry.

January 2016

Tom Sirash

Honestly speaking, Platinum never even allowed me to trade for 3 weeks until I was ready and had started to learned how to trade using the Platinum Methodology. Once I was ready, I opened a live account and just after 6 months, the account started with £5000 now sitting at £8539.

December 2015

J Patel

Nirav and his team at Platinum are the most professional team of traders I have come across. There is no stone unturned. Thanks to Platinum, I am now trading live and even in such turbulent year. The End of Day and Extreme Zones strategies are just phenomenal.

November 2015

Graham Strange

After years of battling with all sorts of retail trading strategies, I came across Platinum. I really like their simple approach to trading areas of supply and demand using clutter free charts. The strategies are very easy to follow and their online Trading Floor is clear and informative. I have only used Platinum for a few months but am confident that with their support, I will finally become and consistent and profitable trader.

October 2015

Jeff Lee

I used to be just a typical retail trader looking at short term charts, using indicators and trying to guess where the markets would turn around, I had no luck working this way and couldn’t understand why I’d read the books, I’d been to the webinars and seminars and listened to the same people say the same things over and over again and then I came to a Platinum Webinar and my eyes were truly opened, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but it made so much sense but was unlike anything I’d ever heard. Now, I am a . . . Read More “Jeff Lee”

September 2015

Zoe Walsh

I just want to say a really big thank you to Platinum for all your help. I was lost in the mire with my trading and was on the verge of giving up until a friend of mine mentioned Platinum and how they had transformed his trading. So, I decided to give it one last shot and I’m so glad that I did. The training and level of education are something that I cannot speak highly enough about. My understanding of how the markets really work has come on ten fold and my trading has improved so much in such . . . Read More “Zoe Walsh”

August 2015

Susan Shaw

By my nature, I am a skeptical person and having spent a lot of money on previous educational courses. I approached Platinum with my guard up. However, these guys are the real deal. How refreshing to speak with people who have real first-hand experience of the banking world. My eyes have been truly opened and now everything makes so much more sense. I feel that I have wasted a lot of time in the past, but I am now on the right path with Platinum and look forward to becoming a full-time trader.

July 2015

Richard Sparks

Thanks to Platinum, I now understand how the Banks trade in the markets. This is such vital information because now I don’t have to try and second guess anymore. My trading results have come on leaps and bounds.

June 2015

Sean Hill

With so many companies offering trading education, I was skeptical at first when I came across Platinum. However, under their expert tuition, my trading has come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time, my level of knowledge has increased and I now know how the markets really work. Having that knowledge has changed my fortunes when I was on the verge of giving up on trading altogether. 10/10 guys! Thanks so much.

May 2015

John Stevenson

A big thank you to all the guys at Platinum. They have shown me two amazing trading techniques that have netted me over 600 Pips since joining. Who thought making money could be so easy! I didn’t at first, but now I am blown away by how accurate the information provided is. Many thanks again!

April 2015

Carl Mitchell

I came across Platinum Trading Systems a few months ago, and must say it has finally clicked! The help and support on tap, the daily reports, news links etc, make me feel part of a team that wants you to make money. The platform is easy to use and suits everyone’s lifestyle in regards time to trade. I have made great progress and more importantly made money consistently. It’s a no nonsense approach with great advice, superb mentoring and they seem focused on making it even better. I simply can’t say enough. Thanks, guys, this is changing my life!

March 2015

Clare Smith

This Trading System is a must for any retail trader. Now I know when the banks will be buying and selling. The methods that I have been taught make so much sense. Thank you so much for all your help, your mentoring has transformed by fortunes and now I know I can achieve what I want in life via my trading.

February 2015

Steven Riddle

I came into FX trading as a novice, after doing my research I found 100’s of companies offering education and trading systems, so which do you go with? Well having tried many, I stumbled upon Platinum. What a difference! These guys teach you how the market really works and how to understand how the banks and hedge funds trade. This is vital to making money in the markets. I can’t thank you guys enough. You’ve made a huge difference to my trading and profitability.

January 2015

Peter Tulley

I was a total newbie to trading and had looked at various trading systems, robots, signal services none of which I had any faith in until I contacted Platinum. I was very happy to discover such a professional approach and it’s refreshing to actually have people that you can call on that really have been there and done it, you can really tell that the guys have had a lifetime of experience in trading. If you want to understand how the banks really trade I would recommend Platinum to anyone, thank you for a truly great experience.

December 2014

Neil Potter

After taking on the Platinum Trading System, I have realized that there was so much that I didn’t understand about how the institutions trade in the market. Being with Platinum has really opened my eyes to what really goes on in the markets. Previously, I was your typical retail trader, low time frames, multiple indicators, too many currencies, lack of knowledge, I was on the verge of giving up trading, but wow what a turn around in such a short space of time, I have enjoyed every moment so far and long may it continue into 2015.

November 2014

Daniel Levy

Guys, I just wanted to say huge thanks for all your help and support during this turbulent month. I have been trading for over 5 years and have not experienced a month like this before. You have helped me keep a calm head in choppy markets, your level of support has been out of this world, I am very glad that I found you, my understanding of the markets has grown so much in my short time with you, I am recommending Platinum’s service to all of my trader friends.

October 2014

Lee Smith

I have been trading for almost four years and have found the service, support, and software that Platinum team provides is indispensable. Since joining them eight weeks ago, I have returned a fantastic 9%. Their methodology and experience in the markets are of huge advantage for anyone who is trading the FX markets. With Platinum, it’s like having that calm hand on your shoulder guiding you along to a successful and financially rewarding future. I have found they genuinely want you to succeed, and they do all they can to support you along your trading journey.

September 2014

Anthony Clark

Like most aspiring traders, I have had highs and lows, spent a not so small fortune on training courses. So much so that I had taken time away from trading fed up and despondent. Since happening across Platinum, I can say that my enthusiasm has returned and my faith reinstated. So far, strategies being consistent has eluded me. Not only do they deliver excellent analysis that results in very good profits, more importantly, the Platinum Team is dedicated to teaching you how in time you can be self-sufficient. Surely the holy grail! Without question, the best investment I have ever . . . Read More “Anthony Clark”

September 2014

Russell Gordon

I have been trading the FX markets for the best part of 5 years, bought many systems but until now have not really moved forward with my trading. The Platinum Trading System is very clean and concise and with the ongoing support from the guys, I now have the confidence and clarity to move forward as a trader to get to where I need to be.

July 2014

Nick Cook

I have recently joined Platinum and have been extremely impressed by the system and how it works. It really does enable you to generate excellent value as a currency trader. The system is easy to understand and enables you to take successful positions on the main currency pairs. Furthermore, I have been particularly impressed by the ongoing training and support that you receive. You are able to get advice on which scenarios to trade. The currency traders at Platinum are so willing to help in any way they can. They are very friendly and offer useful advice. I recommend Platinum . . . Read More “Nick Cook”

June 2014

Roger Crawford

I got the Platinum trading system a few months ago and I absolutely love it. I have been trading for about 2 years now and up until I started with the Platinum system, I wasn’t really getting anywhere, but now I am winning 8 out of every 10 trades. I myself use to read these testimonials and think it was just the company writing them, but I am a genuine customer and the system really does work and my mentor has been very very helpful with me, always on the end of the phone when you need him.

June 2014

Our Leaders

Nirav Shah

Founder & CEO

Nirav Shah

Nirav’s passion is to arm retail traders with the correct tools and knowledge about how the markets function in the real world, allowing them to have the same professional mindset that institutional traders have. His trading philosophy is one of low risk, high probability trading, a style that needs patience and discipline but brings great rewards. He is always eager to share his vast experience with anybody who is committed enough to learn how to trade professionally.

More about Nirav ....

Nirav’s keen interest in the financial markets was passed down from his father who worked for some of London's most prestigious stock traders at institutions such as ICAP, Bank of America and Citibank.

Nirav Shah has been a professional trader since 2001. Understanding that retail and institutional trading are poles apart, he immersed himself in the world of trading and surrounded himself with traders from the institutional world, developing many professional relationships along the way. Having worked alongside Bank traders, he discovered what made them tick, how they analyzed the markets, and what they looked for when they trade he then applied this to trading in retail markets to great success. He turned a sum of £50,000 into £6,50,000 at a steady rate in 6 years of trading.

In 2008, Nirav started developing an algorithm in collaboration with experienced institutional traders. Over the next two years, he spent well over £500,000 and exhaustive hours for research and development to create an algorithm that would study 18 indicators and combine them with the Institutional Order Flow to bring high profitability confirmed entry points with clearly marked buy and sell zones. This is how the Platinum Trading System came into existence.

His price action technical analysis skills are highly sought after and he has been hired on many occasions by large financial institutions wishing to take advantage of his forward market projections and helping them to implement their trading strategies. Nirav has been a commentator on CNBC about the financial markets, and has written many trading articles for some of the world's best known financial publications.

Many retail traders approached Nirav to asking him what they were doing wrong and why were they not able to produce consistently profitable results with their trading and how the traders at the banks and major financial institutions were so successful. Understanding that 99% of retail traders, though no fault of their own have no idea about how the banks trade the markets, Nirav formulated the Platinum Methodology to bring the Institutional world to the retail trading world, thus shedding light on what was essentially a closed book.

Dr. Jayesh Mehta


Dr. Jayesh MehtaIn concert with Nirav’s goals to impart institutional trading knowledge to retail traders, Dr. Mehta is keen on developing an organization that is a power-house for trading education. The Platinum trading training mandates patience, and an ardent desire to succeed. Dr. Mehta brings an immense desire and organizational skills to help a novice trader to succeed at the arcane business of trading.

More about Dr. Mehta ....

Although relatively new to Forex trading, Dr. Mehta is not a stranger to the world of investments and financial markets. Periodically, he has worked for financial advisors, such as Quest Capital Strategies, and Valmark Securities helping clients to develop investment strategies. Academically, also Dr. Mehta shares Nirav’s passion for developing algorithmic strategies financial instruments, options, and derivatives. As a part of his MBA in financial engineering at Xavier University, Dr. Mehta had developed and published several peers reviewed papers on Black-Scholes options model in coveted financial journals.

Dr. Mehta is an innovator and a passionate financial analyst who has turned his attention now to the intricate world of trading. With Nirav’s par-excellence’ skills in equity and foreign currency trading, Dr. Mehta plans to apply his organizational skills to benefit an inexperienced trader to reach immeasurable financial success.


In The Press

Trading Challenge

Make £10000 in a week! [Currency Trader: Nirav Shah]


Platinum at NYSE

An Interview with our CEO, Nirav Shah at the New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor.



Our CEO, Nirav Shah at CNBC, discussing WorldSpreads in special administration.



Our History


A structured approach using strategies and principles were introduced in financial institutions and for brokers to promote disciplined trading. The popularity and more importantly the success of such Institutional methods of trading prompted the research and development of the Platinum Trading System for individual Forex traders in the retail market.

After speaking to several retail traders, we discovered that they are taught to be time-frame and indicator dependent. This is what Institutional traders are taught not to do even before they start to trade. At Platinum, we have chosen to share our Institutional knowledge with Retail traders in order to show them how the world of trading really works in order to help them succeed and fulfill their aspirations of becoming professional traders.

3 years of exhaustive and collaborative effort between a number of successful professional and institutional traders with over 35 years combined experience produced the Platinum Confluence Matrix Algorithmic Trading System in 2009.

Since the development of the unique Confluence Matrix, Platinum has grown and developed to its present day. After Platinum Trading Academy secured its position in the list of "The 17 Best Forex Training Courses for Beginners", Platinum Trading Institute was established in the United States to provide Forex education to beginners as well as experienced traders and guide retail traders toward their path to becoming successful Forex traders.


Our Philosophy


Over the years, many traders have come and gone but the successful ones have a number of common traits – they are organized, disciplined, patient and they all have a trading plan. Our primary goal is to make sure that our Platinum clients successful in the world of currency trading.

Once you join Platinum you are a client member for life.

Platinum is an organization built on honesty and integrity. It all starts with making sure that with Platinum Forex Trading Courses, our clients get the highest level of coaching, Institutional level Technical Analysis, a level of mentoring and support that is unheard of in the world of financial education.

The Forex market is a 5.7 trillion-dollar market and we want to show our clients how they can take a share of the market so they can live a life on their terms and follow their own passion.

Free Trial Access

Qualified candidates will receive free two-day access to our Daily Forex Webinars and the Live Trading Floor.

Live Demonstration

We will show your our state of the art Trading System in action and the Live Trading Floor which has a verified 78% success rate.

We will also show to you how 5 key Forex Trading Strategies have proven to produce more than 7000 pips a year.

Exclusive 1-2-1

A personalized session with a dedicated proven and professional mentor to discuss your needs and goals.

Let's enhance or develop a roadmap to guide You on Your journey of becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Top Trades

We will suggest two top trade opportunities for you in the coming weeks and how to trade upcoming fundamental events.

Once you submit your information, you will receive a confirmation email from us. We value your privacy. We will keep your email address and phone number safe. Any information that you provide will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. We will never send you spam emails.

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